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Drooling degu [Jun. 3rd, 2013|11:21 pm]
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Hi Fwickee!

Been a long while since I last pestered you with a degu question.  I went with females this round and they are little handfuls compared to last time when I had the pair of males.  Anyways, that I don't think has any issue with my question.  Little 3 year old Mo has some troubling habits in a rodent.  She shreds her food and has a little bit of a drooling problem.  Her weight has been a constant 193 grams.  I decided that even though I was missing that last key part on the bad teeth diagnosis I'd take her in to be sure.

Vet looked at her teeth and gums and also looked for any signs of irritation or infection.  They came back with she has perfect teeth and everything looked perfectly healthy.  They decided seeing no reason for it to put her on a floxin type antibiotic for a week.

So after and exam and antibiotics I'm right back at the start.  This is what I know.  A bowl of food lasts 2 days, she shreds the first day and not so much on the second.  She drools when she eats, waiting for a treat, and when she wakes up.  Her weight remains constant.

Should I keep after this as something could be wrong or do I just have Pavlov's Degu?

[User Picture]From: fwickee
2013-06-05 09:45 pm (UTC)
If she hasn't already had one, I would recommend a sedated teeth check. Sometimes there are small spurs on the teeth that are impossible to see when they are awake, but are pressing into the cheek or the tongue and causing drooling. If these remain, they can grow further until she does begin losing weight and/or develops an abscess from the pressure sores. Experienced rodent vets should be able to fix these fairly quickly.

Make sure your veterinarian is familiar with sedated teeth trimming - it's very easy for inexperienced veterinarians to miss mild or even severe oral disease if they don't know what they are looking for. Working on the back teeth is hard in these little guys! There's not a lot of space, and there's a lot of stuff in the way.

Also, if she does have problems with her back teeth she may need regular checks or trimming to prevent recurrence.

Hope she feels better soon!
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